Bona Alit



Welcome to Desa Bona, a small village on the island of Bali in Indonesia, South-East Asia.

Situated between Holy Mount Agung and the Balinese ocean, this is a place where art and culture, nature and spirituality meet in perfect harmony. A place where every moment is special, where the kindness, beauty and natural artistic talent of the people speaks for itself.

Desa Bona is home to Bona Alit, one of Bali’s most famous traditional music and art collectives led by the legendary Agung Alit.

    Agung Alit and his Bona Alit studio collective perform Balinese music in a unique contemporary true “world music” fashion. Based on strong traditional Balinese/Indonesian elements, Agung Alit’s musical expression have taken Bali into another world through his musical work and associated art forms.

Agung Alit‘s compositions as featured on the “Kishi Kishi”series are performed using a diverse range of Balinese/Indonesian as well as an ever-growing range of world musical instruments, including unique ones Agung Alit actually invents and builds himself.

Agung Alit comes from a famous Balinese/Indonesian royal family who have preserved ancient traditions through a variety of art forms. With the growing exposure of Bali to the outside world, they have sought to preserve such traditions through collaboration with international visiting artists, including artistic luminaries such as Walter Spies, Charlie Chaplin and Ron Fricke (Star Wars, Baraka, Koyaanisqatsi).

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