Karinding Attack


Karinding Attack, also known as KARAT, is a world music band using all bamboo instruments established in March 2009 with 9 (nine) founding members. The founding members are nationally known for their contribution in the underground communities’ movements (Ujungberung Rebels) and/or a member of metal band; a weekly gathering session was being scheduled to accommodate those who are interested in learning both the history behind the instrument and how to play the instrument itself. Commonroom, a public space in Bandung, supports this activity by providing the group with a scheduled place for practice.

(to read more about the instruments please read: Karinding)

The first nine members were consistently training themselves with the traditional rules – usually called pakem – and after they have prevail the pakem, more explorations in fusing the traditional instruments with the modern music were being done right away. In this process, personnel of Karinding Attack found their own rhythm and already shared the same soul while playing. Karinding Attack decided that it’s time for them to play their own music and that was the time they started to write and record their own.

However, in the process of recording their first album, two from nine founding members later on stepped down; Karinding Attack has to adapt to this situation and find new members. The formation of Karinding Attack today is supported by Man Jasad (lead vocal, karinding), Kimung (celempung indung, backing vocal), Mang Okid (gong tiup), Mang Zimbot (suling, backing vocal), Mang Hendra (celempung anak, backing vocal), Mang Yuki (saluang), Mang Jawis (lead karinding), Mang Papay (celempung renteng) and Ki Amenk (lead karinding).

All of the members were involved in the producing process although most of the lyrics were written by Kimung and Man Jasad; using both Sundanese (traditional language of West Java) and Bahasa Indonesia. Related to their strong background in metal culture, a lot of their early songs have a thick influence of punk and metal; the rhythm and the tap counts are powerful, fast, and intense – making them known as the pioneer of heavy bamboo genre. In general, the songs produced gave a clear picture of Indonesian social-politic poor condition combined with old sundanese proverbs that’s almost being forgotten.

Their first album, Gerbang Kerajaan Serigala – the Gate of Wolves Kingdom, was released during a Solo Concert at Closed Theater Dago Tea Huis Bandung in March 2012 together with the celebration of three years milestone of the group. The success of their first album appeared from media coverage and a broaden fans base, both in national and international scope.

Karinding Attack brought up a mission on every stage which is to remind young generation of this nation the importance of revitalizing Indonesian ancestor inheritance. A full documentation in form of writing, photographs, video and audio are being compiled by Kimung into ‘Jurnal KARAT’ which is accessible for public. For its consistency and commitment in regenerating Karinding, breaking the negative paradigm of society towards underground community, Karinding Attack is being recognized as one of Sundanese ambassador who successfully gave and developed an understanding of Sundanese social-culture amongst the youth.

On its present musicality development, Karinding Attack is starting to experiment with modern instruments, digital software and vocal/guitar effects. As if to contradict elderly beliefs of how modern music would wipe away the traditional music, Karinding Attack collaborated with various musician regardless genre and origin. Some of the successful collaborations are as follow;

–          Time Bomb Blues (Blues, Indonesia) –          Burgerkill (Metal, Indonesia) –          Donor Darah (Metal, Indonesia) –          Kelas Ajag (Punk, Indonesia) –          Sony Akbar (Jazz, Indonesia) –          Diki (Beatbox, Indonesia) –          Eye Feel Sick (Hip Hop, Indonesia) –          Europe in de Troppen (Electronica, Indonesia) –          Polyester Embassy (Electronic Rock Experimental, Indonesia) –          Sarasvati (Pop, Indonesia) –          Peterpan – NOAH (Pop, Indonesia) –          LSS ITB (Traditional, Indonesia) –          Angklung SMANSA (Traditional, Indonesia) –          Chandra Malik (Religious, Indonesia) –          /RIF (Rock, Indonesia) –          Nining Meida (Traditional, Indonesia) –          GUGAT (Hardcore, Indonesia) –          Michiko Fukuda (Traditional, Japan)

There are many other collaborations and not only involving musician, Karinding Attack often find themselves creating an art project with painters and artists in general. Karinding Attack has also participated in various events – small and big scale – to spread the words of Karinding’s wisdom, to be able to share their music in International stage has become their 2013 target.

For more information about Karinding Attack, please contact: Meity Fitriani (Manager) +62-896-5858-88-53 contact@karindingattack.com   references and video/audio recording is available upon requests.

Karinding Attack is Sundanese Bamboo Folk Music. Started on 2008 by young and cute people who cares to their own culture and tradition, they are :

Iman Zimbot : Toleat, Suling, Voice
Man Jasad : Karinding and voice
Mang Utun : Karinding
Kimung Core : Karinding and Celempung
Ameng GB : Karinding
Hendra : Karinding and Celempung
Okid Gugat : Karinding
Wisnu Jawis : Karinding

source : http://karindingattack.com/profile/


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